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Michael S. Sitrick

Michael S. Sitrick is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sitrick Brincko Group and one of its two operating divisions, Sitrick And Company. A nationally recognized expert in the strategic use of communications, Mr. Sitrick has been the subject of numerous articles and profiles focusing on the results he has achieved for clients. Los Angeles Magazine wrote: "Sitrick is a pure product of the 24-hour news cycle, of a culture dominated and defined by newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, the Internet, of the never-ending noise streaming into our lives. Beyond his aggressiveness, beyond his toughness, what distinguishes Sitrick is his ability to play the media to his clients' advantage.over the past 15 years, the crisis management public relations firm of Sitrick And Company has shaped some of the nation's most important news stories." The Los Angeles Times called him, "The Wizard of Spin." Forbes called him "The Flack For When You're Under Attack." CFO Magazine wrote, "Where do companies turn when you-know-what hits the fan? Say for example, when FBI agents invade your offices or an out-of-state bank refuses to renew your credit line that is keeping the company and the economy afloat? Two companies with these actual problems had one answer: Michael Sitrick..."

Since founding Sitrick And Company, he has provided advice and counsel to more than 1,000 companies, including some of the nation's largest corporations and some of our nation's highest profile individuals -- both on routine and extremely sensitive matters. While many of his cases dominate the headlines, perhaps even most telling are the cases which are never heard about -- where Mr. Sitrick and his firm are brought in to keep their clients out of the press, a much more difficult task. Virtually since its inception, Sitrick And Company has been ranked either the number one or the number two strategic public relations firm in the U.S. by Inside PR magazine.

Prior to forming the firm, Mr. Sitrick served as Senior Vice President - Communications for Wickes Companies, Inc. Before joining Wickes, Mr. Sitrick headed Communications and Government Affairs for National Can Corporation, was a Group Supervisor for the Chicago public relations firm Selz, Seabolt and Associates, and served as Assistant Director of Public Information in the Richard J. Daley administration in Chicago. He also did reporting for such publications as the Washington Star and the Baltimore News American, as well as WSID Radio in Baltimore.

Mr. Sitrick has lectured on public relations and crisis management before numerous professional groups and forums, as well as at the graduate schools of Columbia, UCLA, USC and Dartmouth, and the Journalism Fellows Program at the University of Michigan. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, "Spin-- How to turn the power of the press to your advantage" which was published in April 1998 by Regnery Publishing Co. and is a contributing author to the book, "Turnarounds and Workouts," published by Dow Jones/Irwin.