Nina Walton, Associate Professor of Law and Economics, USC Gould School of Law

Nina Walton is an Associate Professor of Law who specializes in law and economics, regulation, corporate governance, and game theory. She teaches Business Organizations and Corporate Governance.

Walton earned her B.A. in political science and her LL.B. from the University of New South Wales in Australia. She practiced law in Australia for two years before moving to the United States and working as a project manager for Gap International. She received a Masters of Public Policy, and Ph.D. in economics from UCLA. At UCLA, she taught in the School of Public Affairs for a year before spending three years as a teaching fellow in the Department of Economics.

Walton's current research focuses on theories of corporate governance. She has examined the usefulness of outside advisors in assisting directors carrying out their monitoring duties. She has investigated how much power shareholders would like to grant managers of a company in circumstances where shareholders may have different goals for the company. She has also written on the topic of executive compensation. In an additional line of research, Walton is investigating matches between candidates for political office and political consultants. This project is designed to address questions concerning how candidates choose their consultants, whether candidates manage these relationships to minimize moral hazard, and how consultants build their reputations over time. Walton has written several academic papers, which may be found on SSRN.