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Chris Cernich, Director

Institutional Shareholder Services

Chris Cernich is Director of M&A and Proxy Fight research for Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), a leading proxy advisory service. In three proxy seasons prior to joining ISS, he covered more than 75 proxy contests and high profile mergers for another proxy advisor. His previous executive experience includes eight years in corporate finance and strategy positions with the Ford Motor Company, most recently as controller for the $9.5 billion used vehicle sales division.

Mr. Cernich is also the chief author of two studies sponsored by the IRRC Institute. "The Effectiveness of Hybrid Boards" (2009) examined the impact of shareholder activism on financial performance. "Compensation Peer Groups at Companies with High Pay" (2010) explored systemic bias in compensation benchmarking processes at S&P 500 companies. Mr. Cernich holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy (2000) and a PhD in American Literature (1993), both from the University of Michigan.